7 month springer/kane terrier mix

I came home from work and my 7 month old puppy looks like his testicals come forward when he was getting excited and his “red crayon” comes out but goes away when he stops humping can anyone help me? I tried to take him to the vet but they dont have an opening for 4 days..

Answer #1

No…it’s not his testicles…that bulge is the “bulb” in the penis, that causes mating dogs to get ‘tied” when breeding. When a dog is aroused, the bulb gets engorged with blood…

DO get him neutered, to calm that excitment down…he’ll still be excited to see you, but not THAT excited… :)

well always used to say…”His lipstick is showing”…LOL


Answer #2

yes, the testicals will actually go up into the prepuce area. this is what the skin is called that covers the penis

Answer #3

The red crayon is his penis coming out, The best way to resolve this issue is to get him neutered, I would make the appointment and take him in when you can. They way to deal with it until then is by telling him NO when he humps. and when you first come home, don’t great him right away and don’t talk baby talk. Let him out to do his business then talk to him. Getting him neutered is the best.

Answer #4

but is that normal for him to have the buldge in front of his testicals while excited. it looks like his testicals?

Answer #5

Neuter him! It will calm his humping, make him less likely to wander, and eliminate his chances of getting testicular cancer.

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