75th Birthday Party

Having a 75th birthday party for about 150 people. How much macaroni should I make??

Answer #1

Sounds like a fun time! I’d say about 50 boxes or so. I hope your having something besides pasta, how much can one eat? Pots of sauce and meatballs sounds good to go along with the macaroni.

Answer #2

It actually depends on what the macaroni is in.

If you’re putting it in a meat sauce, then you need about 1 cup (dry) per person. If it’s in a meatless sauce, then estimate about 1.25 cups (dry) per person.

If it’s in a salad, you’ll only need about 1/2 cup (dry) per person.

Answer #3

Think of it this way - think about how much you’d need for 5 people and times that amount by 15. :)

Answer #4

I’d say between 50 and 75 boxes— give or take a few… you’re going to need a biiig pot .:lol:.

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