What should be done for a 6 month ''anniversary''?

Just dating.. not sure what to do or how seriously this should be taken lol

Answer #1

I’ve never actually celebrated any of my anniversarys haha, but you guys should go to a nice dinner or something then go on a romantic walk in a park at sunset :)

Answer #2

I would take him to his favorite restaurant and buy him a shirt from Hollister :p

Answer #3

Spend the whole day together. Go out to eat, take a walk in the park, go to the movies, stay home and watch movies together while cuddling on the couch/bed, have a nice dinner at home together, etc…

Answer #4

If you both can afford it, I think going away for the weekend would be a great 6 months anniversary gift for each other. Book a room in a hotel with a spa, relax and have some fun. Spending 48 hours together alone, really opens your eyes to see if he is a gentleman towards you and what he’s like one on one.

Answer #5

Lol I’ve never celebrated one! However I think it sounds like a f’ing awesome thing for a GIRL to bring up XD I like clingy girls though. And maybe just go out to a movie and dinner sweetie that sounds like a good date/ celebration! And if you guys are intimate maybe have sex after? Lol idk just celebrate being together anyway you guys celebrate! =)

Answer #6

just wait until your one year.

Answer #7

i think a nice meal..and maybe cinema afterwards depends what kind of couple you are..maybe he can cook you dinner and watch a movie some people arnt into anything too big..

Answer #8

If you guys have kissed hen if it is possible go to the place where you had your first kiss and spend time there together!

Answer #9

mine was sex. hahaa :) go out an eat. a movie maybe?

Answer #10

i think if its not that far away you should buy a gift and rent out a whole retaraunt for the two of you and if its far away book a cruise

Answer #11

a six month anniversary is always nice, but its the year one that u might spend money on. for a six month, do something like what i did. him and i took off the whole day that weekend, we got together at around 9am and had a breakfast picnic (it was summer so u may want to alter that) then we went about our day doing whatever we wanted. We each brought some cash for food etc but the nicest part was stopping by a grocery store and buying fruits etc to eat at our picnic. Just have a day exclusively for you two. Only plan some parts and let the rest be decided as the day goes on.

Answer #12

I was taken to a movie :) it was really fun but it wasnt over-the-top lol

Answer #13

for my 6 month we went to a nice dinner and a movie, it was really nice and got eachother small gifts

Answer #14

pretty much to a romantic dinner .. nothing really off the top but something that would make you both fall in love a bit more …

Answer #15

for me and my bf’s six month anniversary i had to work so i wasnt expecting much when he came and picked me up from work i thought it was just like a normal night after work when i got home and walked into my room he had cleaned it, folded all my clothes and lit like 50 candles all around my room with a bottle of champaign ( which was yukky) and massive balloons saying i love you forever and had several movies i thought it was the most amazing night of my life because it may not of been a fancy meal or anything like that but he put so much effort into and he really considered what i like and just focused on me which i thought was amazing. so something simple like make him something that he would use or show off to the boys saying my misses made me that!

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