52 reasons why i like you

I found this craft I really want to do for my boyfriend, but man! It's really hard to think of 52 reasons why you like someone.
If you were to do this craft for someone you love, what would you put? I know it depends on the feelings, I'm just looking for ideas :)

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That is really cute. I have been looking for ideas to do for my boyfriend for valentine's day. Where did you find this? My suggestion would be to say things from the heart. Ex: Your smile, the way you hold my hand, the way you look at me, etc. Hope this helps.

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hey that sounds really cool
good luck
do simple stuff
like point blank
ex:your smile

the fav things you do with eachother

well good luck

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-Your smile
-They way you look at me
-How you protect me
-How you hold me
-The way you hold my hand
-How caring you are
-The way you let me see your "soft" side
-How you can always make me laugh
-How you treat me better than I treat myself
-The way you give me strength
-How we can talk for hours and never be bored
-I love you because I know you wouldn't give up on me
-I love you because of your confidence
-I love the way your hands feel when you touch me
-I love how lucky I feel for having you in my life
-I love you because you respect me
-I love you because you help me respect myself
-I love you because I can tell you everything

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omg great idea im so doing this with my boy friend!!!

-how soft your eyes look when they look at me
-that he always thinks of me
-how he brags to his friends that he has the best girlfriend in the world
-how he makes me feel when he holds me
-when his lips brush mine
-how he makes me feel safe
-how he rocks my world
-how without him my wold would crash
-and...well... I just love him!!!

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- his dimples
- the serious face he has when hes pist off
- the way he can go on about something like your mum
- how hes protective of u
- the way he cares of you
- the way he makes you feel
- the way the looks at you
- how he thinks hes mr tough
- how hes always there for you
- the way I can make him smile
- love how I turn him on so fast
- the way he feels my body
- the way he makes me smile
- how im always on his mind

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