Who else thinks 50 Cent is sexy?

I love 50-cent he is so sexyyy! sometimes I fantasize that we are doing “naughty” things in my Mom and Daddys bed! lol. why question is: who else likes 50-cent in that way?

Answer #1

ewww no

Answer #2

oh come on! he is so dang sexy and hot! who could not like him like THat???!!! Who else lilkes him? who, I want to know!?

Answer #3

Uhm Its okay to fantasize But when your thinking about fantasizing in your PARENTS BED;; There might be something wrong,.

anyways,I agree,Hes a pretty gorgeous Man.

Answer #4

hes sooo sexy

Answer #5

Well, sexy minx, that is very interesting. In your parents bed huh? That is very, um, yeah.

Answer #6

This was a “bait” question. NEXT!

Answer #7

Yeah…he’s pretty hot and he has such nice abs. How could you not love a man with a body like than? ;)

Answer #8

I know I would like 2 do that

Answer #9

I know I would like 2 do that

Answer #10

I know I would like 2 do that

Answer #11

I dont ever want to fantizize neone in my PARENTS BED YUCKKK!!! lol but he is kindof hot

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