3 week period 15 y/o

I am a 15 year old girl and I have been on my period for 3 weeks. (8/02/09-present) I stopped for 3 days during the first week and then it came back. I wouldn’t worry but it keeps getting worse. This morning I started to pull out my tampon after only 2 hours and I didn’t even pull, it fell out, it was drenched and smelled like something had died. I also don’t fit into my jeans, before I had to wear a belt, now I’m lucky if they’ll even go on. (Not eating more or less than I was before) My cramps come and go, mostly headaches and upper leg. I know its not normal, and I want to see if there’s been similar cases…

Answer #1

you def. need to get checked out. 3 weeks on a period is not normal. tell your mom or go to the doc. you could even talk to the school nurse and see what she says

Answer #2

I am not sexually active and never have been…

Answer #3

if you are sexually active you most likely are having a miscarge..

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