3 periods in 2 months?

hi :) alright so on july 1st I got my period which was a normal one, tho this one was not extreamly painful like the few before, sometime before I got it I had unprotected sex but I got my period. then on july 24th I got another period, that I asumed was just my august period come early, I had unprotect sex just before it started. then on aug.20th (yesterday) I started what I think is another period, about 1-2 weeks ago we had unprotected sex again and I had an orgasm, if that makes a difference, it was the 1st time, and he did not ejaculate that time. we also did it yesterday and then about 1hr later I got my period, he didnt ejaculate then either. im just wondering if any of this comes into play, is it normal to have 3 periods in two months? is it bc of my orgasm and hormones? or is something else up? hopefully not pregnant, I’ve had no signs other than pains the last week, but that could be due to my period coming yet again =/

thank you!

Answer #1

I have dad a period for 2 years and its still iregular :)(im 15)

Answer #2

all right is this your first period ever? If it is than of course your period is going to be irregular for at least a year at max. If you are on birth control pills than that sometimes can mess up your period. If it hurts when you have sex than take a couple days off because your body is just adjusting to everything.

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