how much weight can I lose in a week if I eat like only 2 meals a day???maybe 500cals each!I really want to lose 40 this month but 10 of it this week…

Answer #1

There is no formula to losing weight quickly, not a healthy one at least. Plus you are doing a deservice to your body by putting it out of wack. You should really eat 3 regular meals and 2 snacks. The snacks will actually boost your metabolism, esp if you are not use to doing this. But of course eat something worthwhile, not junk, like a yogurt, fruit, veggie…etc! And having a food diary will be helpful in the long run to take notice of what you are really eating. You can still eat fast food but just decrease the frequency as much you can. Also switch from carbonated drinks to water. And finally, do some kind of physical activity, sport, running, or even just walking. All these factors can get you on your way to being a healthy weight. Just try to consider this: Being healthy is not all about weight. It’s about you actually feeling good inside and out.

Answer #2

Try to get a system going where your using high intensity strength and aerobic training, and eat a healthy balanced diet.

I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks when I first started.

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I know but that rounds upto 1200calories and I need to lose weight fast so the less calorie intake the faster?anybody know any good excersize rutiens?I cant do situps or crunches because I dont know how to use my abs I only end up restraining my back!

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Your mom said you dont look good or you think you dont look good? Because self esteem has nothing to do with the way you look, I hope you realize that… It’s “all in your head” so to speak…

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my mom says I have super low self esteem and I do NOT look good I look really fat!my tummy is huge my thighs are big and I have a lot of face fat and im starting to get arm fat!

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I lost 7 pound in a week before by just eating a balanced diet and excersising no need to cut down on your food just change it to something more healthyer :)

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I know, you’d think it would make sense right, fewer calories means quicker weight loss, but I used to have about 1200 cals (just because I only eat one meal a day) and I wasnt losing any weight… talked to a nutritionist, unless you eat, your metabolism doesnt start working… green tea notwithstanding… 3 meals really works best… and if you cant go out, try yoga for weight loss, or aerobics… I’m sure there’s stuff posted online…

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We’ve been through this… you cant lose 10 pounds in a week. Even if you starved yourself you would not lose 10 pounds in a week… To lose a pound of fat you’d have to be in deficit of 3500 calories… This means you can’t lose a pound a day, let alone more than a pound a day… And eating 2 meals a day wont help you much. If you dont have breakfast your metabolism slows down. Even if you’re not eating much, you still wont be losing weight… So to answer your question… not much

Answer #9

no my mom didnt say that I dont look good she said that I just have low self esteem

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I drink green tea for metabolism

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