2 year anniversary ideas???

Okay, so my boyfriend and my 2-year anniversary is coming up. I am getting him a dc sweater. I think I might be writing some poetry about him too. I am not sure what to get him as he says he wants nothing for the 2 yr or he says he just wants me but I really want to get him something.

About him:

  • He doesn’t like chocolate
  • He can’t wear inexpensive gold/silver b/c it bugs his skin
  • He has all of the cds of the bands he likes.
  • Can’t do a scrapbook because he hates pictures and I don’t have enough for a scrapbook.
  • I’ve already bought him movies, clothes, etc.,
Answer #1

You could still do a nice scrap book of lyrics and poems that remind you of him, and love pictures that don’t have to be you. I made a gorgeous one for my boyfriend that don’t have any pictures of us and it turned out beautify.

Pictures can be; couples holding hands, hearts, kisses…anything really

Answer #2

Think of a few poems that come from your heart,if you know how to edit photos make a pretty background explaining how much you love him and print it out if you have a printer and put it in a nice frame that you think he’ll like,if you want the anniversary to put romantic,go for a nice walk on the beach if there is one near you guys an have a picnic but you guys alone. Happy early 2 year anniversary!

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