How should I write my resume with felonies?

How do I write a resume and If I have a few felonies on my record will I still be able to get my record expunged?

Answer #1

Hi shamane,

To write a resume, try websites such as:

As for expunging your record prior to writing the resume, contact your probation officer. I’m not sure of the law, but I think the felony must have occurred before you were 18 for it to be expunged.

Answer #2

When you write your resume, you do not need to put that information on there. During the interview is when you need to answer that question. If you are filling out an application and it ask, then you have to answer.

I don’t know your felony, but I have had an ex-employee to try to get a job doing the samething somewhere else that got him to trouble, so obviously he did not get that one. Keep trying.

Answer #3

Try to contact your local police or your probation officer. You can also omit your felony records in your resume. Try to look at this website, [link removed]. They have different kinds of resume templates and formats as well as resume writing tips and it is for free.

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