How can I come up with $2500?

I have a checking account, but it is online and my credit isn’t the best…I’m trying to get ahead, but I am actively paying off creditors from the past. If anyone has suggestions of lenders (i’m sure the fees are going to be high and that is ok) I would really appreciate it. I am trying to put the past behind me, and I really need advice on what to do. Please!

Answer #1

Have you considered consolidation? Look in your phone book for consolidation agencies - they may be able to help you.

Answer #2

i have looked into consolidation, but it won’t give me the funds i need now, it will just help me with my outgoing income. i am aware that it will help me save over the long run, but the issue is with expedience and this has to happen quickly. The money is to help pay off fines to the state so i can reinstate my license, b/c my job is requiring me to and i can’t get any advances.

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