What should i ask when playing 20 questions with my crush?

IM playing 20 questions with a boy I really like... what should I ask... and hurry lol

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ask really obvious question first
"fav color?"
"fav food?"
"most embarressing moment?"
good memories, bad memories
be random :P
then get into some really deep ones
personal and such

my bff and her boyfriend started dating cause of this game
the 20th question he asked was, "will you be my girlfriend?"

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I would ask who do you like what do you see I her do you think I'm funny do you think I'm shy... and when your at that 2oth question ask do you like me if you got the guts.

ps if you still like him if he dumps you never forget him ;]

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What's your wildest fantasy?
Do you see me as submissive or dominant?
Pick two items in the kitchen that you would use on a significant other in the bedroom?
What's the sexiest costume a woman could wear in the bedroom? -Lauren

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I've been in that situation. simple, ask him to ask you 20 questions first. based of those Qs make up urs! like if he says anything that sounds like he likes u, that's when you bring on the flirting!!! if you have enough courage you can ask who he likes, it's a great way! or if you have even more courage (like me) :) ask if he likes u. that's what I did, now we are going out!!!

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deffinitly ask the hard questions that are really personal and you would never think of asking anyone, when you do play it cool like your totally open about talking about everything and anything! but if you get passed the wierdness at this stage if you go out it will be soo much easier and you will be able to talk like best friends, thats what i did and i tell him everything and i really mean EVERYTHING and vise versa!

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Ask them what they like to do, whats their middle name etc.

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whats your wildest fantasy
favorite sex act
wish a girl would do to him
which sex position would you do
favorite type of kiss
farthest they have gone
best sex game theve played
who they like
what kitchen item would they use in bedroom
how they feel about anal
have they popped a cherry
dream girl would consist of what characteristics
how many times a day do they jerk off

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ask him do you like me more than what we are

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lol me and this guy I like didnt really play this we kinda just ask each other weird random questions and we asked stuff like wats the weirdest thng uv done and stuff like that after awhile he asked if I liked anyone and who I said I did but my answer of who was people lol he said he liked someone to so we changed the questions and started asking how do you know this person how long have you known them are you close do you trust her things like that

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where you like to be touched
how you turn yourself on
and will you be my girlfriend, they are the last three

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would you be sad if I left and never saw you again.

if you had two pieces of ice how would you melt them with me.

have you ever liked someone but your just too scared to tell them incase they dont like you back.

if I was in the hospital would you come visit me.

if you sall me crying would you just walk past me and laugh or comfort me and tell me everything is going to be okay.

if your friends were picking on me would you join them or stand up for me.

if I looked bad would you lie and say I looked pretty.

do you ever think about me, when im not with you.

have you ever had a day dream that you wished that came true.

have you ever wished you were a bird and could just fly away from your problems.

were do you go just to get away from people and think about things.

if you walked in on me changing what would you do.

have you ever said and actually ment it when you said I love you to someone other than your family.

do you ever wish you can go into the person you likes body and know what there thinking.

if I asked you for a massage would you give me one.

if we were in my bed together by ourselves what would you do.

who was your first kiss.

who is the last person you kissed.

if you were to die tomorrrow who would you want the last person to kiss you and they cant be famous.

well umm will you go out with me?

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you should ask them if they like anyone

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