do you think 2012's gunna b a bad year ?

Answer #1

I have a bad feeling it will be worse than the present year, sadly

Answer #2

lol every year seems to get worse for me :P i kinda do

Answer #3

think its gunna b a bad year*

Answer #4

Yep it doesn’t get any better for me either, it just gets harder and harder to maintain wat u have

Answer #5

No, I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s going to be worse than normal.

Answer #6

yh i just feel likee i wanna give up lifes so hard and tireing =P

Answer #7

kk =) i hope your right=) ive had so many bad years haha

Answer #8

It will be great. Lots of snow at the start of the year for skiing, sledging snowmen & snowball fights.

Followed by the glories of spring culminating in a glorious treble by the great Man U, it will be so cool to see Rooney taunting Ronaldo until he cries when we are thrashing them in the European Cup Final.

The Cricket and the Olympic Games to brighten the summer, with the young Brit Tom Daley winning more golds on the high board as a special highlight.

I will win a bet by completing a whole year without alcohol ( now nearly 4 months into it - and not touched a drop - no problems ) then celebrate by getting totally blotto on my birthday when my private pension matures and I get a hefty lump sum payout.

Then its on towards Autumn and Winter with another football season getting off to a great start for the Red Devils, while Chelsea struggle to avoid relegation.

All in all, a utopian paradise (you just got to believe it).

– Best wishes - Majikthise

Answer #9

Start looking at the positive. Everyone has bad years if they only focus on the bad things.

Answer #10

hahah gr8 im going italy next year to skiii with our school (break a few bones ) :L hopefully it will snow >.<
yh seeing ronaldo crying will make my year ;) and rooney improving and nott getting into “truble” again and the final will b good hopefully we will make it seeing chelsea get relagated would kill me in laughteer but liverpool go down they,ve messed up the premier goodluck on your bet :L and yep get smashed have a good b-day it only comes 1nce a year and lol utopian ive heard that be4 =L

Answer #11

Well that’s one thing I don’t do, I don’t give up, I press harder

Answer #12

Cheers, mate, and don’t let yourself get despondent about having a hard tiring life. Life is what you make of it: At 14 you are about to enjoy one of the best years of your life - believe it and it will happen that way.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #13

lol yh lifes what you wan it to be it only changes when you do it to make it change (my words of wisdom hahaha:L)


Answer #14

=)yep lifes what you make of it

Answer #15

search, for the love of god search….. haha

Answer #16

haha lovely words or wisdom matty

Answer #17

i think 2012 will be an okay yewr, but thenagain with the whole thing that the world will i dont believe. no one knowa the furture we live every day not knowing what gonna happen… it will be the same for 2012

Answer #18

yepp lets take every second as i comes =D

Answer #19

haha yeah, finally someone agrees with me

Answer #20


June / 6th / 2006…false.

Dec / 21st / 2012……well, i wonder -_-

Answer #21

Wasn’t it in the bible it stated that, “Only the lord will know when the world will end.” So how are people from 2,000 years ago going to predict the end? It’s a bunch of twisted up backwash. Either way, i plan to get drunk on the night of the so called “end of the world”

Answer #22

lol one thing bout december 21st my dads and granddads b-day so yea lets all get hammered =L

Answer #23

haha :L

Answer #24

I had an interesting conversation with a friend about the “world coming to an end in 2012” and his theory was that it would be a big time of change. the world would end as we know. Thats great corporations would fall and that the power would go back to the people again and that it would be a big change in the religions that hold power. 2012 brings an end to the age of Aquarius (which is a fish) and with the end of the age of Aquarius will see an end to Christianity (whose symbol is the fish - Jesus fish) and the huge sway it holds.

that was his theory. Myself, honestly i think things will pretty well stay the same.

Answer #25

in the ear of the pig we had swine flue inthe year of the rooster we had birdflue no wonder we are screwed in 2012 Its the year of the dragon,

Answer #26

21 Dec2012 is also the 40th birthday of a very good friend that I have known since he was 6 years old.

So all hell will be let lose if the world dares to end itself,. as far as I’m concerned. Let that be a warning OK.

– Majikthise.

Answer #27

No, I’m smart enough not to believe it.

Answer #28

haha yh dragons will come and we will all burn to death

Answer #29

haha yh dragons will come and we will all burn to death

Answer #30

kool thanks for your veiw =)

Answer #31

kool thanks for your veiw =)

Answer #32

haha i dont think its listning and yh my dads turning 40 and grandad 67

Answer #33

yes, its gonna be real bad. “-_-

Answer #34

Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard

Answer #35

it’ll be whatever you make it :)

Answer #36

they should be.. its been asked 1 million times.

Answer #37

Yes. The idiots who believe in the prophecies are going to make sure of that.

Answer #38

yep hey sure r even hough i hink i no wha has big p word means hahahaha :L

Answer #39

yep hey sure r even hough i hink i no wha has big p word means hahahaha :L

Answer #40

why wa makes you say h

Answer #41


Answer #42


Answer #43

:O thats not nice if u cant say nutin nice pls dont say it thats her answer and we’llleave i like that

Answer #44

lol :L

Answer #45

yea what eva we do in life are life will change due to what we done=)

Answer #46

google 2012 …………watch the movie read about everything about whats gonna happen on the year .

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