2009, what do you want this year?

What are you hoping for this year?

Answer #1

I want to get enough money saved between me and my boyfriend to buy an apartment.

Answer #2

be happier and lose weight.

Answer #3

Hopefully my family will become happier. My results to improve. And to get hitched lol o.O

Answer #4

I’m getting married this year and my son’s first birthday is in July.

Answer #5

Baby, Baby, Baby and more babies

Answer #6

I want health and happyness for me and my family. I also want to be less obbsessive and try to exerscise more.

Answer #7

I want to be outgoing and have as many friends as I want , and be fun and be / feel accepted by others and I want people to love me and miss me when im not around , I hope this will happent this year

Answer #8

to lose 20 pounds! lolz

Answer #9

A better, happier year than the last.

Answer #10

A better relationship with my boyfriend

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