1 week to live

If you were told that you only had a week to live,what would you do during that week?

Answer #1

Tell everyone I love how much they mean to me then throw a huge party to say goodbye cus I wouldn’t want people being sad :p x

Answer #2

I would make sure that everyone I who I love nos that and that I would start saying my final goodbyes and try to get my boyfriend not to get upset and sad. because he said if I die he would kill himself and I wouldnt want him to do that.

Answer #3

live like I was dyin words by tim mcgraw I would do everything I wold want to do in my life time

Answer #4

I would tell my ex boyfriend how much I love him still and how much I miss him. I would do anything to just let him know that. Then I would give my stuff away and have a party with everybody I love or ever loved filled with laughing and crying. I would also tell everyone I did wrong im sorry.

Answer #5

id smoke 5 pounds of weed with my girl and the homies that week

Answer #6


Answer #7

yeah gotta get as much stone as possible

Answer #8

I would give everything away and go have fun somewhere

Answer #9

iw would spend my time woth my one and only love!

Answer #10

Be with all the people I loved

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