Is there more than one kind of snail?

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Answer #2

how many?

Answer #3

You didn’t ask how many. You asked if there are more than one kid. There are.

Answer #4

She did ask it. She asked a question inside a question. Nothing wrong with that, she just wanted some answers. No need to tell everyone that their grammar sucks. And to answer your question, There are three main types of snails: Freshwater, Sea, and Land snails. Within those types, there could thousands of species of snails and slugs. It all depends on how you look at the taxonomy. They go all the way to the class Gastropoda. Look Gastropoda up, and see what you can find out. :)

Answer #5

Yes there are many many types of snails. ((I don’t know how many))

There is a really cool one called the giant snail, if they were legal in the USA i’d own one. Some get over the size of basketballs.

I know of the tiny little brown ones found in the lake, the yellow water ones found in petstores for aquariums, the giant snail, and land snails ((like 50 kinds)).

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