why does everybody think that at 16 your supose to lose your virginity?

Answer #1

I dont believe that everyone feels that way. Although to me 16 is a decent age to make that decision as long as your educated on birth control and use protection. You are still yooung but i feel at 16 your old enough to make that decision to have sex or not.

Answer #2

I think that peer pressure has a big part in it. If you’re not doing it these days, people think something is wrong or they wonder why because it’s so common. As Mandy said, though, not all people think that way. I certainly don’t.

Answer #3

Not everbody thinks that , and if u feel it’s not time u shouldn’t. Losing your virginity is not suppose to be at a certain age and a specific place well u should be over 16 I think but thats my opinion. But anyway losing your virginity is not all that its cracked up to be ,well thats what I heard , u should definately wait till ur older in my opinion.

Answer #4

just peer pressure in todays society. 10 years from now people will b havin sex @ 12 lol

Answer #5

a lot of people already are, sadly.

Answer #6

no, im 16 and i want to wait untill i am 18 because all my friend who lost it regret doing it and wish they would have waited, unless you find the right guy i say wait as long as possible

Answer #7

when your ready you will feel better but dont let anyone force you to do it i read in the paper that there was a 60yr old man who dadnt done it so dont get yourself down

Answer #8

uhm no one thinks that? fu** what everyone else thinks. Be smart and save it for someone who is actually worth it. cuz trust me sweetheart, no guy is worth it at the age of 16.

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