15 and 6'1" is that tall?

Is 6 feet 1 inches tall for a 15 year old?

Answer #1

Yes tall and lovely. I have a thing for tall guys

Answer #2

Goodness, yes! You’re a giant, that’s good though, most girls like tall guys.

Answer #3

Yes. And I was 6’ 3” at 15 and 149 lbs. Tall and lanky. (Skinny really)

Answer #4

6’1 is tall for any age. tall guys are the best kind.

Answer #5

im 6”2 and 15 years old.

Answer #6

yes its kinda tall but thats REALLY hot! Girls like me like guys that are taller than them…actually MOST girls only go for guys taller than them but thats stoopid because they base it all on height…but I think its great that your tall and dont be asamed of it…

Answer #7

I guess…because im almost 14 and im 4’11…--. lol. but im a girl, so yah .^^. I know a 14 year old whos hitting 6’2 this year. ^^. so your not alone. ^^

Answer #8

I think that is tall! it is nice to be tall though, my cousin is tall, especially if you like basketball! lol my cousins brother likes basketball, but he is not as tall

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