What should i get my teenage son for christmas?

My son will be 14 next month any suggestions on christmas gifts? He has ever game system out there, the playstation, the game cube and the x-box360. The Wii is too hard to get. I really don't want this christmas for a change to be surrounded around game systems or $60.00 games. Any other ideas? I was thinking maybe a little weight set, he plays football and wants to be in shape for the girls LOL. Maybe a little fridge for his room for his soda and juice? Any help will be appreciated.

I have noticed of few people are saying this game or that game I do NOT want to by him any video games. He has them ALL, he has guitar hero 3, and he also has a regular guitar also. He doesn't take care of all these breakable and scratchable games so I am not buying any more. I am trying to find something else beside video games, systems and and ipod. He already has one of those too. Cell phone too.

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Mall gift cards are great - then he can buy whatever he wants.

If you have a high budget, a computer is great to have at 14 and 15

If you just run out of ideas, you could get him accessories for the game systems (like wireless controllers, memory cards, etc.).

Hope this helps!

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ya little weight bench and a poster of a really pretty girl to put in front of em to make em work harder if he wants to get in shape for girls..lol

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well does he like video games if he does theres guitar hero 3 if you have a ps2 sports get him a basketball football water game he likes to play beleive it or not theres so many more funmailme if you need anymore stuff I'll be happy to help

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How about a guitar? It's relatively cheap and will take your son a while to get to the highest level.

As a side note, try not to buy him anything over $20 until next Christmas.

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I think the idea of a weight bench and free weights is a wonderful idea. Once he sees the results of lifting weights he will hopefully be as hooked on fitness as he is on video games.

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hmmm get him gutair hero 3 I luv that game!

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an ipod touch a phone a ps3 ect video games im 14 I know

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