Where can a 13-year-old work in Chicago?

where can I find a job that a 13 year old can work in chicago

Answer #1

I was just at the doctors and the was a paper anyone cohuld take. it said you have to be 14 to work

Answer #2

I just came back from chicago a couple of days ago, walk around Michigan Avenue with your mum or someone and start getting an idea..There are loaads of shops and restaurants and bars and book stores so you have a biiig choice. but since youre 13 im not sure if you would be aloud?

Answer #3

You can go too places but you need too go get a perment frist,from the groverment office or from the school you go too,my friend.

Answer #4

At 13 no where, you have to be 15 with a permit to work legally in cook county.

Answer #5

no where

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