What if you are 13 on this site, how do they pay you for your points?

Answer #1

You can ask an adult to make you a paypal account and your payment would be sent there.

Answer #2

In addition to Janicee’s answer, they send out checks in the mail as well. :) So, as long as the 13 year old has a bank account, they can cash the check….or they can sign the check over to a parent, and have them cash it. :)

Answer #3

Ok, my son is going to be 13 here soon, I think he might like this, I am sure he would watch his himself if he new his dad was on here.

Answer #4

Let me just point out that cheques can only be sent to members who live in the USA.

Answer #5

This is going to sound dumb: You can get real money on here??!

Answer #6

Yes you can really get money on here :)

Answer #7

Omg I did not know that. That is awesome

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