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does she like me, because I cannot tell?

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Hey, so I have this friend. She is absolutely amazing, beautiful, smart, the whole nine. I have found myself becoming closer and closer to her over the last few years. I have known her since I was very young, and I pretty much know all of her family. They seem to like me. I have spent time at her house before, because they invited me over for dinner a couple times. We text each other for hours, and our conversations are never boring. In person, it is the same thing. The problem comes now because I am starting to have feelings for her, but she has a boyfriend. I am not sure what I should do because she says that I am one of her closest friends, but she stares at me and does not think I notice, she is constantly touching my face and my body, (nothing sexual... just knees and hands), and she always wants to give me hugs, hold my hands etc. She is very touchy-feely, and she claims that she does it just to make me uncomfortable, but I am not sure if I buy it. She always tells me that she loves me, and I say it back but I am not sure if she can tell that I am actually developing feelings for her. I am not sure if she has feelings for me. Like I mentioned, she has a boyfriend, and she has told me that she wants more from her relationship, but is that a sign or something. From what you guys can see into this, does it seem like she likes me and what should I do?