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Is sweating a symptom of pregnancy?

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I had sex without protection. A baby wouldnt be a bad thing but is hard to reach a doctor now because i just moved in another country. I had my period but in the same time have symptoms of soles and palms of my hands are always sweaty and my body feels lot more warm. I am sweating a lot even when i sleep. I do have itchy skin on my arms ..legs back and only the nose. is not a serious itch but is there..i had a metallic taste too..sometimes i have easy headaches, i feel dizzy and all the food seems gross .thing is that all of these are happennin for few days now and i dont know what is it. I tried to look online but sites lead me to different diseases ..and none of them have all these symptoms but a pregnancy.

I dont want to be paranoid so im asking how early in pregnancy can you have all these symptoms? Might be too early for a pregnancy test ?