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Which of these story ideas should I use?

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I have three ideas choose one or suggest an idea. 1. A child and his family moves to New York city in the 1950's and his entire world gets flipped upside down. As a young child in a poor family he sees crime all around him. His entire life gets thrown upside down when he begins a life of crime to pay off his families debts.

  1. A man awakes in the forest and finds himself in a magical world. He eventually learns he can control the world around him and makes himself an adventure who eventually saves the entire world from an arising darkness that had been trapped for more than a millennia in a cave in the north most relm ( kinda cheesy I know way over used)

    1. A girl is cutting herself and sent to a mental hospital. She is incredibly intelligent and develops aplan that will allown her to escape. She gets caught and is determined to be completely crazy and sent to a maximum security prison. The story is about her life before, after, and during the endeavor.

Those are just rough outlines I will smooth them out. What ever gets the most likes I will write about.

Ps: if you make up a story and it wins you will get a special thanks and a mention some how in the story (I might ask for your real name

PPS: < to any one who says that is wrong your an idiot because PSS would mean Post script script ( after text body text body) PPS would mean post post script ( after after body of text) just wanted to write that out to clarify it.