FunAdvice Trivia: "Dry Ice" is not ice, but actually a compressed form of what gas?

A) Neon B) Carbon Dioxide C) Carbon Monoxide D) Oxygen

Answer #1

Is it carbon dioxide? Amazing stuff. I fixed the hail damage on my vehicle with it. Out in the hot sun, put the dry ice on the dents and they popped right out.

Answer #2

Carbon Dioxide.

Answer #3

Frozen and compressed Carbon Dioxide. The reason dry ice is “dry” is because at normal atmospheric pressure, frozen CO2 goes directly from solid to gas with no intermediate liquid phase. Reading more psychology than physics growing up I learned sublimation as transforming unacceptable urges to more acceptable ones. I was pretty confused when teachers started to talk about CO2 sublimating until I learned what sublimation means in this context. In sufficient vacuum ice also sublimates. This is the way freeze-dried foods are prepared. The food is frozen then put in a vacuum that causes the frozen water in the food to sublimate.

Answer #4

You are an amazingly intelligent man,

Answer #5

You’re all right - I need to make these more challenging :)

Answer #6

carbon di oxide

Answer #7

Frozen carbon dioxide :)

Answer #8

It is carbon dioxide, I think.

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