What do I do if my thrush capsule didn't stay in?

  • I inserted the thrush pill into the vigina around 2-3 hours ago but it come out when i went for a wee - its i dangerous, have i done something wrong and what should i do?
Answer #1

You’re supposed to insert them before you go to bed so that they stay in while you’re lying down. Wait until bed time and try again.

Answer #2

I think you are meant to orally take the pill aren’t you, there is a cream that you should put in that area, but not a pill?

Answer #3

oh.. maybe i am mistaken hahah

Answer #4

i cant, it come out and was too soft to re-insert. will i have to contact my doctor and get another one? :S

Answer #5

There are capsules (ovules) that are inserted v@ginally…I hope this is what she’s talking about.

Answer #6

You only had the one? You can get the at the pharmacy - you don’t need a prescription.

Answer #7

yyeh he only gave me one - am i supposed to have been giiven more?

Answer #8

Not if it’s a high dosage….go to the pharmacy and get some Monistat - it’s the same thing, but a lower dosage, so the box comes with either 3 or 7 applications. If your thrush is really bad, go for the 7 day application

Answer #9

it was 500g of the V tablet?

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