As you age, do you think your standards have gone down for what you look for in a partner?

Answer #1

i don’t think so- i am pretty much looking for the same thing i always was- however, i have learned to appreciate a wider variety of women and what they have to offer. maturity has made me less narrow minded and a lot more accepting of the beauty of the human female form.

Answer #2

I dont think it’s a standard thing. I think it’s a reality thing. Prince charming/perfect woman just doesn’t exist. I think you start to realize what is important and what isnt. Of course, I’m only 24, so I can’t tell you through experience.

Answer #3

Well I can not either, married for 13 years, but ty.

Answer #4

:) I’m sure your wife will be glad to hear it!

Answer #5

Not at all - the opposite infact. My first boyfriend was not at all the kind of person I would go for now. I just settled for him at the time because I thought it was about time I had a boyfriend. After that, I realised I hadnt set my standards too high, and it was best to find the kind of man I imagined, rather than settling for the first person who comes along. I would rather be single than settle for someone.

Answer #6

True, it is not your standards have gone down, they have changed over the years. Things that where once important to you matter less or don’t matter at all, while other things may have taken priority.

Answer #7

no i don’t think so. at first perhaps because when you’ve never had a bofriend you wish for you boyfriend to be perfect. but over time you still need specific qualities like hygiene but also you start to like more qualities after falling in love with the person or somewhat

Answer #8

no i dnt go for goods i go for personaily i ve found that u dnt have to b brad pitt to be honest and caring

Answer #9

me as 13 year old i think my standards have been too high for them to be with me and i thik of myself too low to be with better. i have now realized i have 4 possible guys to have and i was totally blind to them b4.

Answer #10

No!!!! In fact I think having a “standard” is ridiculous. It’s like having your favorite food in front of you but not eating it because it’s on a paper plate as opposed to ceramic. Having a standard or a type only prolongs your unhappiness (not that you need a mate to be happy.) If you only date one kind of person you might miss out on the PERFECT one. For all you know the food on that paper plate could be the best you ever tasted. Saying I only date blondes with big boobs, or guys with rock hard abs is no different. You should have everything you want so by no means am I saying settle, I’m just saying test the waters. You may find what you’ve been looking for isn’t at all what you desired.

Answer #11

Not at all, my standards have actually gotten higher.

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