What is your favorite article of clothing you own RIGHT NOW?

Post a picture if you want :P

Answer #1

my old navy tank tops

Answer #2

My burton jacket, I like how its purple haha (:

Answer #3

Skinnies :)

Answer #4

Old navy and Kohls for sure<3

Answer #5

my 50’s style trench coat with the little vintagey fan brooch on it

Answer #6

i like love the store forever21 you can find really cute sweaters there like the cream knit one i bought there yesterday for like $24.50.

Answer #7

Right this minute? The sweats my sister gave me sure from MC. They look… Hawt.

Answer #8

silver jeans :) sooo cumfy, and they fit almost PERFECTLY!

Answer #9

My romper. I have a lot of favorites though.

Answer #10

my black tank top! its super comfy :)

Answer #11

This is a tough question..;. but i have to say, my hoodie. I have this awesome green hoodie with faux fur inside the hood to keep my ears warm! The sleeves are long enough to go over my hands when they are cold. I love my hoodie! lol

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