Why are women more emotional than men?

Answer #1

it can be to do with mood swings but some women and men can be senstive so just a small thing can make them emotional :) hope this helps :)

Answer #2

Well my wife says it is estrogen, and this hormone would differ between men and women.

Answer #3

http://funadvice.com/r/behjs96et8m Quite interesting article.

Answer #4

Well that is interesting.

Answer #5

well, it’s probably because our hormones are different. Women are made to be more nurturing, so I think that makes them more emotional in general. We also cycle. So…it’s just that women are bred differently; however, I know plenty of men are emotional too! They just hide it!

Answer #6

2 words…… more hormones

Answer #7

becuz guys make us cry just kidding im not sure. i like 2 cry a lot cuz it reliefs me.

Answer #8

girls have hormones that men dnt have and highly reative to more around certain times

Answer #9

because we are the weaker sex emotionally in some ways

but when moving on we are the 1’s to be upfront about been heartbroken and deal with it which makes us stronger in my opinion while some men suffer in silence and dont deal with they feelings

also we feel deeply about somethings that men just dont understand about us and don’t think anything of it, then we think you’re insensitive lol

i dont see it as bad thing though because we show our emotions with honesty :)

Answer #10

Women are more sensitive than men. Men hide their feelings and women dont. Women are more expressive and Men were taught to be tough and emotionless. Anyways @ the end were all emotional. We just express them differently.

Answer #11

Because evolution sculpted us to be more emotionally aware so that we could look after children better than men. Men are often better at sport, and physical activities, because that’s what was required of them thousands of years ago.

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