What are some way people have spiced up there marriage and love life?

Answer #1

Im always looking for new ways to spice things up, as you know when you have kids you have to put forth way more effort into the relationship and bedroom because you have less “alone” time. One of our favorite things to do is every other week we go to Hearts (an adult store in our area) and we pick out something new together. Whether its a new toy, an sexy outfit, some fun lube, body paint, a video, a magazine, etc - theres so many choices its always fun to pick something together. Then we promptly bring it home and make use of what we have bought.

Answer #2

Yes I have found it can be very hard to find along time with older kids. Their bedtimes get later, and they are aware of a lot more things they they where. I know know why parents send there kids to summer camps and things of this nature.

Answer #3


Answer #4

I hate to ask, what is this?

Answer #5

Sensation play is an easy way to spice things up a bit. It can be as easy as making or buying a blindfold and running your hands over your lover, or getting more creative with what you use (ie: feather)

Answer #6

its not difficult newayz….u can take sm tym alone n take ur partner 4 a nyt out at sm nice hotel…this wud b romantic as u always feel monotonous in the same bedroom.u can slowly get ur partner’s clothes off n then touch their body with soft hands.this wud make them feel special.u can also take ur sex fantasies to bathroom…have a lot of bubblebath salts n get naughty in the bathtub…n then give compliments to each other’s nude bodies…n dont 4get to run ur hands to their intimate organs every now n then….

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