what is the difference between psycology and psychiatry?

Answer #1

Psychiatry is where you study about mental disorders whereas psychology is more where you study about how people work, how the brain works etc.

Answer #2

Psycologist are usually people who have done a four year course in psycology. The generally do not have a medical backgroud.

A psychiatrist is someone who is a medical doctor and then went to specialize for four or so years (depending on the country) in mental illnesses and disturbances.

If you are looking for someone to diagnose depression psychiatrists are often the best people to do so, whereas with psycology they often work in conjuction with a doctor or psyciatrist to help you make changes to your life.

Answer #3

Exactly what Irene said. Psychiatrists are able to prescribe medicine and usually have the same knowledge as a psychologist buy may be more medically inclined.

Answer #4

There are subtle differences that are difficult to spot unless you’re in the field. Psychiatrists tend to have a very medical view of mental disorders. So basically the disorder stems from the person, it is something physically wrong with the brain or the body, and in order to cure the illness we must cure the person. Historically, they have generally been trained in a psychoanalytic tradition. To become a psychiatrist, in the U.S. (I cant comment on other countries), you obtain your medical degree, and then specialize during residency (4 years). They are able to diagnose, dispense medication, do talk therapy and use other sorts of interventions. Psychologists, on the other hand, are trained in a variety of ways and in a variety of view points. There’s three basic types (I wont go into school psychology, or other branches because those are very specifically focused branches). Individuals can either get a PhD in Clinical Psychology, in Counseling Psychology or a Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD). All three are trained slightly differently, and tend to have slightly different view points of mental disorders. Clinical psychologists are closest to psychiatrists in their views. They tend to see disorders are stemming from within the individual, and tend to work on fixing the individual’s problems. They are very research oriented and tend to do a lot of research during training. It’s the more sciency method and view point. Counseling psychologists tend to take a more holistic view and take into account how an individual’s situation brought them to where they are now. Many focus on the community and look at community based interventions as being the best way to help the most amount of people. They do research as well, but it isnt as focused on it. It’s more ‘touchy feely’ than strictly sciency. The PsyDs do not do research. They learn how to use research but they dont usually conduct research. They spend 5 years learning to do therapy and assessments. They can come from a variety of backgrounds (cognitive, behavioral, psychoanalytic, etc). They are able to diagnose mental disorders, conduct talk therapy and use other interventions, and they are also able to do assessments. Assessments are something (as far as I know), only psychologists do. An assessment is basically a series of tests, interviews, etc, given to a person to assess for things like learning disabilities, mental illnesses, etc.

As for their differences in abilities to diagnose or therapy skills, those are more individually based rather than differences between the two professions. Most people start with psychologists and go to psychiatrists if it seems that medication maybe indicated. However, there are also psychiatrists that do talk therapy (they’re just more expensive).

Answer #5

ok. so would a psycologist need a medical background or no?

Answer #6

No. It’s not about needing a medical background? A psychologist’s training is simply different from that of a psychiatrist. For a psychiatrist to be a psychiatrist, they need to go to medical school. For a psychologist to be a psychologist, they need to get a PhD in psychology.

Answer #7

oh ok thanks :)

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