How do i get rid of a stye ?

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its gone to a status ¬_¬
but as you can see my eye lid is swollen and red :/

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I had one of those before and I just let it go by itself, took a few days. But I just looked on the BUPA webiste and found this:

Treatment for stye

Most styes go away by themselves within a few days, so treatment isn't always necessary. However, if your stye doesn't resolve itself, there are several treatments available.


It's important to keep the area around your eyelids clean and clear of any oiliness or crusting, especially if your stye is related to blepharitis. You can do this using a small amount of baby shampoo diluted in water. Apply it with a cotton bud or your fingertips along the edge of your eyelid before rinsing. You should do this at least once a day. Alternatively, you can use lid wipes or scrubs - you can buy these from your pharmacist or optometrist.

A hot compress is a simple, effective treatment for a stye. Use a towel or face cloth soaked in hot water to make a compress. The compress should feel comfortable on your skin; it shouldn't be scalding hot. Hold the compress against the affected area of your eyelid for five to 10 minutes. This will warm the fluids trapped inside your stye encouraging them to drain away. You should use a hot compress four times a day until it clears up.


Antibiotic ointment, such as chloramphenicol (eg Chloromycetin) or fusidic acid (eg Fucithalmic) may be prescribed if you have an external stye. Antibiotic ointments aren't always effective in treating internal styes, so you may be prescribed antibiotic tablets instead if there are any signs of infection.

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Danke ! <3

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you can get rid of a stye quickly by using a cream which you can buy over the counter from any chemists ect in a little bottle which is called 'golden eye' its really gd and works fast. it is also only about 3pound.

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ok pretty old now but ive had 2 and i had to have surgery lol

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you had to have surgery ?!
whoa...he gave me some crappy cream and i had like 5 all after each other >.<

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i dnt think yuh can really get rid of them. Mi friend had one and she said they go away by themselves so juss give it time

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yeah and they stick a flippin syringe in the bottom of your lid and it bloody hurts :(

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