How do i get a boyfriend ??

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Be yourself. Someone will come soon.

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yes but me and ma mate have been trying 2 4 ages but no one likes me

older boyfriend
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How old are you?
Stop trying, you dont need a boyfriend to complete you're life focus on more important things and maybe someone will come along when you least expect it. Just be yourself and stop trying you might make yourself look desperate. :)

What if you found out your boyfriend has herpes?
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ma mates r the ones who r desparete but i keep falling for a different guy first james then ryan and now matt !!!

Havent had a boyfriend
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well you will do that, you'll crush on guys then like another. but soon you will find someone you really like.

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but i feel like i need 2 snog them now but there all going out wiv someone but one got free eariler today but he wont ask me out because he wont want 2 ruin our friendship soooo ??

Why dont I have a boyfriend?? : (
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well i guess that means you have to stay friends, and boys dont always have to do the asking you can do some yourself

She claims it might be my boyfriends baby
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i no but i feel as if i will embarrass my self and he wants 2 snog a girl 2 sooo lol ??

How can I get a boyfriend?
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Sometimes if you really want something you'll do it, but you have to be strong and take a risk.

Boyfriend, meh
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i no but my friends take every real serouisly i just cant do it u no wat im saying

Why does my boyfriend have sticky lips?
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urm i think so

my boyfriend wants me to marry him
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lol soo wat do i do ??

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you really cant go looking for one bc then you might rush into something that iant right for you. if you wait and let it happen naturally then one will walk into your life.

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Be yourself, don't act like someone your not, let the right guy come to you. Don't rush anything, if you do, you may not be happy with the results. Take your time and don't rush life.

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Try not to look for love. Let your true love find you. ^_^

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dont look for one n they will come to u! trust me youll find a boy who likes u when ur not even looking!

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