11 inch rock hard

im going to have sex with a bloke. im a bloke to. im experimenting to see whether im bi/gay or what so please dont judge. im not proud of what im doing but I have to do it. MY problem is his penis must be 11 inch and rock hard. I’ve never taken anyting analy before. should I find some one smaller to easeinto me or what? please I need help. confused.

Answer #1

Sounds to me like you are looking for attention rather then advice.

And I agree with you kiasu, the sexuality isn’t a problem. The fact that you allready have a wife makes this a huge issue and you should not do it, it’s cheating.

Answer #2

Yes he is married and has the nerve to call himself Family Guy!

He asked this question recently: http://www.funadvice.com/q/wife_wont_give_me_a_blow_job

And because I raised my concerns about him passing back STD’s to his wife and being unfaithful, he has just gone through and changed all his questions to ‘fau’ thinking it would not be noticed.

See here: http://www.funadvice.com/q/gay_sex_first_time_its_huge

I have no issue if someone is gay or Bi, but he has a wife he needs to take into account here.


Answer #3

I have no issue with yo if you are Bi or turn out to be totally gay.

As I said on your other question, you are married and not only is this a huge betrayal to your wife, you could very easily catch an STD, HIV, Hepatitis etc and pass it onto her.

For the above reasons, I believe you owe it to her to be honest and tell her what you need to do.


Answer #4

I’m not quite getting it, do you want you want it 11 inches or do you mean it is 11 inches…sounds a bit unlikely to me…

Just take it slowly with anal and use lots of lube and remember to wear condoms, other wise you could get nasty infections. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with your sexuality and it certainly isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Answer #5

oh and the fact that you forced yourself on your wife is sick and disgusting.

Answer #6

Wait a moment. YOU are MARRIED?

You do know that that is cheating right?

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