10 ways to make a girl horny?

What are 10 or more different ways to turn a girl on and make them horny?

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haha you sent me a picture of you, thats all you need :-)

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I agree with requiem... This is turning me on too ;)

Top 10 ways to make a guy horny?
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8. Touch her waist or boobs
9. hug her
10. buy her a sexy lingerie and tell her 2 put it on

Some one finish the... oh yeah


How do you know if a girl is horny?
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I love when my boyfriend bites me in my ear softly..

does slapping a girls but make her horny
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loveofdeviance is right
soo sexxyy

What are different ways for a girl to pleasure herself?
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1. Be spontanious.

2. Push her up against a wall or something and hold her hands above her head.

3. Kiss her on the lips then move your way to her neck and collar bone.

4. Whisper in her ear.

5. Run your fingers through her hair.

6. Let your tounge barely touch her skin and then gently blow over the spot.

7. Grab her hips and pull her against you to let her know you're "turned on" too. (If ya know what I mean.)

8. Rub your hand over her stomach, boobs, thighs, ect.. (As long as she agrees. Remember no means no.)

9. Tease her!! Until she can't take it any more.

10. At this point... If she's not turned on, you've done something wrong.

Most girls find it hot when guys take control so I totally agree with uchihaobsessed. The domanince thing is unbelievably SEXY!!!

what is the best way to finger a girl?
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Go up to her and
Push her against a wall. Put your arms over her shoulders and flirt, talk dirty, tease. If she starts smiling take her where no one can see you and snogg, get off , make out. :)

Can a girl get horny?
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Um, ew. no it doesn't turn me (and I hope nobody else) on...that's just gross. Shouldn't you be trying to work out an Algebra problem rather than having guys sticking their fingers down your pants? Jr. Slut alert, much?

What is the best or cutest way to give a girl a necklace?
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I like it when a guy rubs my clit with my panties still on plus I just want 2 add im a blond 14year old does that turn you on

What is best way to give a girl an orgasims with the tongue?
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dominance is always a turn-on. be rough, but dont hurt her. be forceful, but dont make her do something she doesnt want to do.

push her against a wall and hold her hands abover her head.

if your already hard, pull her against you and let her feel it down south, if ya know what I mean.

does your girl like vampires? if so, nibble on her neck, or even bite if she wants you to.

come up behind her and put your chin on her shoulder. put your arms through her arms, down her waist and gently trace lines with one or two fingers in the nether region, around her belly button, on her thighs.

dont forget the dominance thing, because damn that is HOTTT!

Whats the easiest way to get yourself horny when alone?
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1] neck kisses
2] bite her ear
3] talk dirty--> tell her you want to f*ck her, and use LOTs of details
4] bite her lip
5] get really really close to her and whisper something but dont touch her right away... TEASE!
6] porn!
7] firmly rub your hand up her thigh
8] push her up against a wall and pull her hair a little while you make out with her
9] out her hand on your hard d*ck
10] pull her into a bathroom/maintenance closet/ etc. in a public place and let her know its on!!!

How do you get a girl horny without her wanting to do anything?
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What turns me really on.

1. Guy on top and in control
2. Kisses in the ear, neck and collar bone.
3. Fast and hard. I love when man a rough!
4. Touch her tommy and legs, but delicate.
5.Talk dirty.
6. Push her into a wall and push your d*ck into her (be rough)
7. Tease her! Smile and let her know in what mood your in ;)
8. Push your d*ck into her clit! reallyy there oh there the spot

some one finish itt

remember be incontrl and rough. but please dont hurt her.. bur maybe she likes pain!

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push her against a wall put her hands on the wall and push "it" against her and show her you want her really bad.

tell her you love her and whisper it her ear.

if she likes being picked up pick her up and push her against the wall put your d*ck right where it counts.

tell her all the ways that you wanna f*ck her it always works.

then ask her when and where your gonna f*ck and how hard and fast she wants it.

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Let her feel your c*ck

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Some girls are harder then others. You got to face that first. But this one beautiful girl I know gets real horny when I bite her neck. so depending on the girl that sometimes works. (don't bite to hard now)

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11. kiss her
12. do a sexy dance (it's underestimated)

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1. Full body massages
2. Neck kisses
3. Fingers through hair
4. Squeezing thighs..

I have to go find hubby now. Thanks... can someone else continue that list?

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5. get rock hard and let her see your p*nis stick up through your pants
6. make the room dim and light candles or something
7. bring up subjects about sex

Some one finish the rest please

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Biteing her ear always works and kissing her neck, ears , chest , and so on and so forth , but hold her close and tight it will cause a tingiling in her belly , kissing her randomly makes her guess what's going to happen and fantisize . Being sweet and rough but gental almost always works and if that does not work she probibily does not like you like that:)

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Smell like AMAZING!
tell her the details of exactly how you want to f*ck her.
Grab her legs tight and pull them close.
Push her agianst somthing hard... And then push your hardness agianst her.
Finnish it.

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Start off slow then get it on lol.kiss her soft then make out with her.suck on her tounge.kiss her on her lips then kiss her neck.lick it or bite it or suck it whatever works for you but for sure itll turn her on.lsy her down and get in between her legs and grab her legs and wrap them around you.get your di*k hard and rub it against her on her cl*t.use your tounge going down her neck,on her boobs,around her belly button,and going down her legs but not on her pus*y so just tease her,then eventually she will grab your head and make you eat her out.then after she does that then you should know what to do;)

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