What to do on a 10 hour drive?

I dont wanna be bored on the 10 hour drive what can i do on the long drive that’s fun and amusing???

Answer #1

Bring music Pray Talk to family Bring some family movies that people behind the driver can watch together a movie brings the family together!

Answer #2

Sleep, Listen to music. Sight see.

Answer #3

Roll down the window and yell at random people you pass.

Answer #4

Some Ideas:

  • bring a whole bunch of munchies!! - gummies, chocolates, candies
  • bring music that you can listen on your own (ipod) or crank the radio to your favorite station and karaoke with people in the car
  • look at the clouds and see the different shapes and animals you can find
  • take pics on your cell or with the camera
  • bring a portable DVD player and bring movies
  • bring some nail polish, roll the windows down!!
  • bring a puzzle book (sudoku, crosswords, mazes, word searches)
  • play games with the people in the car such as: Would You Rather or The Alphabet Game - Would You Rather is asking people in the car questions such as would you rather be stuck in a locker or a port-a-potty? and The Alphabet Game is where you pick a topic - lets say “fruits” and starting from the letter “A” you think of a name of a fruit that begins with the letter and go through the alphabet :)
Answer #5

play music, dance (in your seat), crack jokes, laugh, make funny videos, watch movies, sing nursery rhymes… just be funny and silly… have a good time. :)

Answer #6

I just came back from a 12 hour drive………enjoy?

Answer #7

write, listen to music if you have an ipod or mp3, color, draw, take pictures of the drive, text, or call people

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