Where does "music 101" come from?

When you guys in the good old US of A say something like “music 101”, where does that come from? I presume it from a class in school but could someone explain please. Thanks :)

Answer #1

it just means like a beginner or basis class…they are always stupid and are just a class you take that everyone has to take

Answer #2

In some college numbering systems freshman courses started with a 1, sophmore classes with a 2, … all the way to doctoral classes starting with a 6.

The introductory freshman class was generally “101”

Few universities use this numbering scheme any more but most Americans still understant “101” of anything to be the first and most basic class in a subject.

Answer #3

People use ‘music 101’ or similar ‘101’ references to indicate basic knowledge, usually in a sarcastic fashion.

It originates from the tendency of US colleges to label introductory courses with a ‘101’ label.

Answer #4

lol, yeah it means an introductory class… I dont know if they have it in high schools here, but I know colleges/unis use it… it is generally the first class you take in a particular subject and usually a pre requisite, unless you’ve placed out, before you can take higher level classes in that field (ofcourse there are exceptions)

Answer #5

Thanks tyra. I though that was it allright. At last I know lol. thanks.

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