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Top Five Cat Breeds for a First-Time Owner: Which One to Choose

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Cats are cool. Big, small, skinny, chunky, furry, hairless — all of them can bring their owners tons and tons of happiness. Sure, cats have a reputation for being a little bit arrogant, naughty, and even obnoxious, but these characteristics combined with their goofiness, playfulness, and affection make felines truly likable characters. This alone can be a good reason to get a cat.

There are more reasons you or your loved ones may want to have a cat. Some people need to have an emotional support animal, some people would want to get an eco-friendly pet choice, and some people need to keep their house and yard free of rodents.

Despite the reasons that drive your decision of owning a cat, not all breeds will be suitable enough for a first-time owner. If you want to choose a pet that will be easy to maintain and will love you unconditionally, here are your top five choices to consider.