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How Age Affects Fertility in Women

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Age is an important factor in case of fertility issues. Age is having a major effect on female fertility when compared to men. For men age is not an important factor as it does not impact their fertility. Generally a decline in sperm is seen after 45 years of age. After 45 years of age, it will take longer for a man to cause pregnancy. The risk of health issues in babies also increases due to the old age of a man.

Chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy decreases as the woman’s age increases. Old age woman will not be able to release eggs and enter into menopause condition. The menopause results in infertility in women.

Pregnancy has both advantages and disadvantages at every age. The advantages and disadvantages vary with age and can have an effect on the baby’s health.

Getting Pregnant in 20s When you plan for a pregnancy in your early 20s, it is probably the right time as the fertility peaks in early 20s. From a biological perspective early 20s is the perfect time for conceiving and carrying a baby.

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