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Am a husband, a parent and a writer who enjoys playing each of these roles. I enjoy reading and solving a few life problems here and there.
In the course of my teaching career issuing learning materials, marking homework for kids with different kinds of needs, I have learnt to be patient and adopt different teaching options for different kind of kids. What works for one child may not necessary work for another child. This preciously the reason I advocate for a more personal educational system rather that generalised form of system that is meant to fill all. Einstein once said that is a fish spent its life being judged by its ability to climb a tree it would grow up knowing it was stupid. Our educational systems have simply opted to be blind to fact that we are all differently talented and instead used a common measure on all of us.
I join such forums in an attempt to spread this message gradually in the hope that our future generations will find a better and more inclusive form or education. They will them prosper for it. For now, we have to stick with what we have and make the few small changes we can provide to our children as they go through this already outdated education system in our so called schools.
If you feel there is some truth to what I just said, make a point of doing the same. Informing all the people you have an influence on. After all, it is said that is we want to make the world a clean place, we can start by cleaning our doorsteps. Be noble and start by your doorstep. I believe, I have already gone past my door step already and that is the sole reason why your are reading this and have never seen or heard about me.
Here is to a successful campaign, Cheers!