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eTraining Pedia is a one-stop solution for eLearning professionals to showcase, share, and also discover their work semblance in forms of articles, videos, etc. eTraining Pedia is designed with a purpose to provide quality and spam-free content that could be of real use to ensure quality learning for the aspirants who desire to learn. Our website also provides information about the latest eLearning development tools and user-experience design and then lets you perform magic for your clients as well as learning from the aspirants. eTraining Pedia supports the following categories to cut down your effort of searching the eLearning resources.

eTraining Pedia helps you discover top authoring tools and eLearning service partners. We list, review, compare & offer free consultation of authoring tools and eLearning service solutions so that you’re guaranteed to find the best match for your needs.

eTraining Pedia provides a comprehensive list of options for various business functions, starting from Healthcare, Real Estate, Accounting to Visitor Management, and for various industries starting from Agriculture to Textile, hence business owners can select the best available option for their eLearning needs.