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Fresh outs of college on their way to dream job

You`re about to toss your cap at a graduating party and the panic in your mind starts to increase, as you understand that the time to get hired is closer than ever? Or you`re a fresh graduate and want to figure out what to do next with your life? If that`s what you`re concerned about, this article is just for you! Here are a few tips that will help you to rock the job searching process:

#1 It`s time to take a break

The thing is that you don`t have to land a 9 to 5 job right after college, as you have the whole world waiting for you to conquer it! Now is the best period to let yourself see the Earth, have a moment to relax and listen to that inner voice in your head. What is it telling you? To visit Bali and discover a different culture? To spend some time with your family at the yard? To sunbathe at the beach while reading a book? Whatever it is, do not postpone it, as it may be now or never!

#2 Take some courses

Do it, as it will not only increase your career prospects but also serve as a quality time for your personal development. Don`t hesitate, as it will pay off in spades. Moreover, attending any courses can help you select those areas, which are interesting for your future job search process.

#3 Job search like a pro

If you`ve decided that there is no reason to be unemployed, you can browse all entry level jobs for fresh graduates in the web, look through needed skills for the position and compare them to yours.

#4 Give Internship a chance…

Get as much internship experiences under your belt as possible, as diversifying will increase your chances to receive a job offer in at least one of the spheres you`ve chosen. It often leads to a job offer or is a perfect experience, so discover jobs for college grads with no experience and see what is there. Do not forget to create an outstanding cover letter for internship and take it as it goes.

#5 … Or try yourself as an entrepreneur

Be proactive and bring your wildest startup ideas to life. Start writing a blog, launch your own brand, make it happen and do not wait for the miracle, be it! It`ll show that you have an entrepreneurial mindset, which is highly appreciated by employers, as it` the sign of your creativity and willingness to take risks.

#6 Use network like crazy

Build your network wisely and keep in touch with people who may be helpful in the process of finding a job. Make use of social networks, career fairs, job boards and every other service.

#7 Write a perfect resume

Create a resume, which will promote you and be your best friend. It`s vital to have an expert outline of your skills, so pay close attention to this hint.

#8 Remember that LinkedIn is a must

Go above and beyond common job search and use trendy media to receive a call from a recruiter. The most remarkable example is LinkedIn, which serves not only as a resume sharing platform but also as a place where common-minded workers gather to chat. This social website will definitely land more job offers for you.

#9 Clean up your social profiles

There`s no need to tell you how social media can affect your career, so make yours up-to-date, friendly and welcoming. Social media are to represent you as an easy-going citizen, who`s reliable and responsible.

#10 Get prepared for the interview

It`s the most trivial advice and that`s why the majority of job-seekers don`t bother to do their homework and make ready. Do not make this tip an issue for yourself and follow the rules below. If you`ve never been interviewed before, visit some interviews just to see how it goes. It`ll reveal what skills you lack, how to react to various questions and what milestones there are at all.

  • Dress appropriately Find out if the firm is strict about a certain dress code and choose an outfit, which will be understood correctly. If the company is dress code free, dress up casually, avoiding too bright colors and extra-short length.
  • Be ready for group interview Develop your communication skills to survive in a group interview, as this is the place where you`ll have to think outside the box, be able to negotiate, work in a team and show why you are the best candidate.
  • Get prepared for tricky questions Look through common interview questions and see where you can have difficulties. Work on the issues, you`re facing. The best recipe here is to write down your answers and practice the talk.
  • Get prepared to the interview testing Get ready to answer questions, which are relevant to the position you want to get. You may need to reread an appropriate book, watch a learning video or visit a lecture.
  • Control your body language
    Make sure that your body coincides with your words, as you may even not know it. Make your body language an advantageous tool to sail through your interview process.

#11 Send follow up and thank you letters

It`s a mark of your interest and just a matter of politeness, so just write these letters to your HR managers.

All the same, we`ve been there and it`s never easy to get that first job but it`ll not last forever. You`ll get hired, become an expert and prosper. Just believe in yourself, push hard and you`ll have everything you want!