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Marketing Tips for Law Firm Website Owners

Whether you own an attorney booking portal like Justia, or a legal blog, you need to follow specific promotional strategies that don’t only attract the visitors but also build the trust for your brand in the industry.

Traditional marketing practices don’t value much in the online industry. Moreover, the marketing methods evolve differently within each niche of the online industry and hence, it requires some unique and effective strategies to build a positive and lucrative brand across your law website in order to attract readers, get leads and revenue.

Understand your target audience

Understanding your target audience is the key to set these promotional strategies. Although the tactics don’t differ much between the different types of law websites across the web, the target audience does change. A lawyer booking portal would try to lure in people planning to book a specific lawyer for their legal case whereas a legal blog would try to add subscribers on the list. On the other hand, a guide website may be targeting the audience, which would either download the Legal Guide in the eBook format (free or paid) or subscribe to the Law Video channel on YouTube.

Once you have defined the target audience, you can use the following marketing tips, tailored for law website owners, to generate traffic and conversions.

Key Marketing Strategies for Law Website Owners:

1. Keep the website clean and user-friendly:

I have seen a lot of law blogs with simple corporate themed design, look and feel. This is one of the silliest mistakes made by new website owners who simply follow the website developer’s guidelines or suggestions without realizing the fact that a web developer can’t be a great judge of what the users will like about the site.

Considering the fact that the target audience is legal students, attorney seekers, and information enthusiasts, you must follow a design that is clean and user-friendly. In addition, you must also make sure that your website is slightly on a corporate theme or at least have background images that relate to the legal theme with some beautiful landscapes or something like that. Such a design would not only attract the readers but also would make them fall in love with your website.

2. Engage your audience through the blog and social media channels:

As a law website owner, your main goal is to attract the traffic that would convert into sales or any other predetermined goals. However, a website couldn’t attract the traffic on its own. You must take some effective measures in order to engage the audience and lure them on to your website. In the digital marketing world, this strategy is known as creating “doorways” to your website.

The best way to create such doorways is to know where your target audience hangs out the most online. You can always use the popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and much more in order to attract traffic from these media channels. Setting up a blog with interesting content that could trigger eagerness among the people could bring in a lot of traffic to your website via your blog. Remember, the more you keep your visitors engaged with the website, the more they are likely to return again.

3. Start a YouTube video channel:

With the rising popularity of videos against textual content, it is the need of the hour to start a YouTube channel for every brand. It’s a fact that our brain could process videos faster than textual content. Also, with the evolution of the internet across the globe, it is now easier to watch videos online than before.

Also, a YouTube channel can help you build subscribers for your brand opening another doorway to your website. If you can deliver some interactive, adventurous and unique videos around the legal niche, people would like to know about the brand behind these videos and thereby about the services your website offers in the industry.

4. Use quality images for Website:

Adding quality images to your website helps a lot to keep your traffic engaged with the website. Try adding galleries for Legal Cases that users can view one by one and experience these visual guides right from their desktop or mobile devices. Such a delightful experience can also encourage these users to use your website services for booking lawyers and downloading White Papers etc. If you own a legal blog or web guide, then you can easily convert these users into subscribers who love reading about worldwide legal news. Attorney Kevin J. Romano chose SITE123 website builder for his website and he makes use of beautiful background images.

5. Offer free tips about legal practices:

As informed earlier, sharing free tips and guide would help build trust for the brand. Website owners can easily offer tips about bankruptcy help, injury claim, accident prevention methods or even corporate law information. Hire a team of writers who could publish such articles on a regular basis either in the guide or blog section of your website.

Such informative articles also attract search engine traffic for the website and help in building authority for your domain in the industry. The basic questions that people have while dealing with an individual or corporate legal matters; if your website could solve these queries free of cost, then chances are that people would consider your website as the ultimate choice for all their legal needs.