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The race to boost testosterone is a never ending one. Just when you thought that you have finally landed your hands on the best testosterone booster, the FDA cracks down on the product terming it as unhealthy and not fit for human consumption. Clinical studies follow suit terming your best testosterone booster as a placebo that will not move your testosterone needle even by an inch. And that is when you start distrusting all testosterone boosters since they are all valueless. You start reading blogs about these products with a pinch of salt lest the tempting copy lures you to buying yet another bottle of placebos. That was my exact feeling after I saw stinging nettle extracts being advertised as a testosterone booster.

The websites promoting the product claimed that stinging nettle works by increasing your free testosterone in two ways:

  1. It blocks the sex hormone binding globulin that arrests free testosterone.
  2. It inhibits the action of enzyme aromatase that converts free testosterone into estrogen.

Sounds good, right? Well, I decided to dig deeper into these claims since I already knew that stinging nettle has a wide range of benefits such as curing allergies, induce hair growth in people suffering from alopecia as well as help control blood sugar in diabetic people.

This is what I found out:

Stinging nettle does boost testosterone

Nettle root and leaf extracts do indeed boost testosterone. They do this in aqueous form where the isolectins found in nettle extract are free to flow and bind with the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). The SHBG has been found to bind with free testosterone making it non-bioavailable. Now, this is not a good thing because you want a high volume of free testosterone. When the isolectins bind with the SHBG though, you are assured of more free testosterone.

At the same time, nettle extracts inhibit the process of aromatization where the enzyme aromatase converts any free testosterone into estrogen. When it thus inhibits this process, you are able to remain with a high volume of free testosterone which is good for high libido, muscle growth as well as displaying male tendencies.

Because of this property, stinging nettle has been used as an ingredient in testosterone boosting products to improve libido as well as fast male enhancement pills

Stinging nettle prevents benign prostratic hyperplasia

Benign prostratic hyperplasia is a condition where a man’s prostrate is enlarged and this leads to pain when urinating as well as difficulty while doing so. This is because the prostrate gland becomes so big that it blocks the urethra making urination such a hard task so that you only urinate in small bits. Studies show that taking stinging nettle beverages as well as food spiced up with the product together with saw palmetto has been found to reduce the enlargement of the prostrate and as such relieving the pain caused by the condition.

A study published by showed that when men with benign prostratic hyperplasia were treated with 120mg of nettle extract, 81% had improved and complained of no side effects.