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Perhaps everyone knows the main rules of staying fit, yet not everyone is eager to follow them due to different circumstances. You may try to find more at different web sites and forums like This aspect requires paying a special attention.

Some have specific diseases that do not allow having physical exercises or following the diet, others do not have enough strength of will or just too lazy. This is the main reason for the recent popularity of different medical appetite suppressants. In the following article, we will talk about Duromine, which is one of the most effective ones and what should the future users know before starting the treatment.

Tip Number One. Realize with what You will Have a Deal

Duromine belongs to the class of the drug-type appetite suppressants. Its active element is Phentermine, which has the same effect as Adrenaline and acts like a booster for the nervous system. It blocks the feeling of hunger and stimulates the increased fat burning.

Tip Number Two. Be Sure that the Medicine is Recommended in Your Case

Duromine is prescribed by doctors for the patients whose Body Mass Index is higher than 27 and the state of being obese is followed by such illnesses as diabetes, high pressure and high level of cholesterol. The cure is strictly prohibited to be taken by the patients under 18 years old.
We strongly recommend staying away from self-treatment. The details of the course and the prescription have to be given only after the detailed health tests and examining by the professional doctor.

Tip Number Three. Follow the Prescription and Avoid Overdosing

It is usually recommended to take Duromine in the morning, before breakfast, not more than once a day. Taking in the evening may cause insomnia. The dosage may vary from 15 to 40mg; it will be determined by the doctor. The pill has to be taken with a full glass of water for better absorption.
Overdosing may cause a number of unpleasant side effects and some of them are very dangerous and require the medical treatment. Increased dosing and self-treatment may lead you to:
· insomnia;
· decreased sex drive and weak libido;
· hyperactivity;
· diarrhea;
· hard breathing;
· headache, etc.

Tip Number Four. Combination

The maximum effect of Duromine can be achieved only in combination with a kind of healthy diet and different types of physical training; which has to be continued even after the course, so that the result could be constant.