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Office Lighting Tips

Nobody wants to walk into work every day to a boring, poorly lit work station. The perfect way to spice up your office is to add some lights. The type of lighting that will maximize productivity and lessen the strain on your eyes varies from task to task, so it’s best to keep your options open. There are plenty of lighting stores in CT, NY, and NJ for those in the tri-state area, but you’re sure to find lighting options wherever you live. Here are some office lighting tips that are sure to make your office space feel more welcoming.

1. Buy a desk lamp. Desk lamps are a great way to shed some light on your work space. You can choose a large and elaborate lamp to make a statement, or a smaller one to reduce desktop clutter. Desk lamps are focused and functional sources of light, and act as fun decor options as well. They provide the perfect amount of lighting without being obnoxiously bright.

2. Reduce overhead lighting. Overhead lighting is good in moderation, but too much of it can be an unnecessary strain on your eyes. Depending on whether you’re working with computers, reading, or doing some other task. Try to rely on other light sources if possible, such as lamps or natural lighting from windows.

3. Use a ceiling fan light. Ceiling fan lights are a must-have in your office, especially in those humid summer months, because they give you double the functionality. Whether you need to cool off, you need some extra light, or both, ceiling fan lights have you covered. With so many different designs and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits the style of your office.