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How To Find That Your Colleague Is In Love With You

It is said that an individual never decides to fall in love. It just happens unexpectedly at the right time, with the right person and at any place. By any place, it literally means a place that you couldn’t imagine. One such place can be the work place or office. An individual probably spends 8-9 hours daily at workplace and this is a long duration when many people come across each other. This becomes a reason that makes a person fall for his/her colleague. Office romance is becoming common these days and people do not deny this fact. But, how a person can recognize that a colleague has fallen for him/her? There are signs that shout out loud about the person who get butterflies when the special one is around them. Let’s have a closer look at these signs.

He/She Is Around You The Most

If your colleague loiters around you and keeps on passing smiles then it is sign that he/she is into you. They will find any excuse to share a few words with you and frequently ask for favors like borrowing a pen, the charger for mobile etc. During the lunch-hour, if they sit only beside you and offer the food then it may be a sign that says you’re special for him/her.

Tries To Flatter You

Honestly, if you’re not looking graceful yet that person will compliment you the most. It can be on your hairstyle, the fragrance you wear, your smile etc. Your colleague just wants to please you every-time and they also appreciate the decisions made by you, even if others aren’t supporting it just to win over your heart.

Wants To Know You Better

If you have swapped numbers and a colleague texts or calls you regularly, pings on Whats-App or Face-book then she/he is concerned for you and want to know you even better. Accompanying for tea or coffee break and an egress together from office is a way that tells they are curious to know what lies inside your heart regarding them.

Has Time For You Always

No matter how busy is their schedule; they will coordinate and take out time and to be there. If you are staying up till late with whatever reason and your colleague also does the same then you have an importance in his/her life.

Seeks Your Opinion

All of a sudden your opinion becomes extremely important for them. He/she will come to seek your opinion related to minor things quite often. Whether it is related with selecting something or other, as compared to the opinion of others, your opinion will be considered important and you know the reason well.

Gets Conscious About Looks

People usually not notice this important sign but when a person falls in love with someone, a change is seen their body language as well as looks. If you are around the person that has fallen for you, he/she will immediately check the dress, hair and make-up if any, just to ensure that they look graceful in front of you. Take this as a hint if this is going around you.

Excuses For Touching You

Brushing of the hands, playful pats and ‘intentional’ collisions are just excuses for touching you. If they brush past you despite there’s a lot of space, they are getting attracted to you and may have some kind of fantasies.

They Remember It

A co-worker who has fallen for you will always remember your choices once you tell them about it. It is just like as if they have examined the insides of your brain. They may act as if they aren’t paying attention but in reality he/she is completely focus on you.

They Feel Jealous

Obviously they will feel jealous on seeing you flirting or being extra nice to another co-worker. This will make them upset and whenever she/he gets the chance they’ll remind you about that incident and perhaps weave a story that keeps you away from that particular person.

You Hear From Other Co-workers

You other colleagues aren’t blind. They know it pretty well that you have become very special for someone and if news like this begins to float in the air then better take this in a true sense. People are silent whisperers and they are keeping an eye on all.


A workplace is among those places where many people find their life partner and the reason is well known as 8-9 hours are spent daily. Everyone comes across different peoples but there is a special one that makes the heart skips a beat. Coming to the office becomes successful and the day goes happily as the special one is always there. If you are special for someone then do take a look at the above listed facts and confirm if your co-worker get butterflies when you brush past him/her.