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Have you lost track of the number of resumes you have submitted? You may be at a loss for what to do in order to get an interview or maybe you got the interview, but failed to get the job. The bottom line is that your job hunt is dragging on and on and staying focused on the job search can become difficult when things are not going your way. All job seekers have to deal with the challenge of mounting disappointment that depletes your energy. If you think you have tried everything, you can take advantage of the top tips outlined below that maintain your focus and keep your morale up:

Refresh your resume: You need to ensure you are updated on the latest trends and style of resumes. Give your resume to someone who hasn’t read it before and get some feedback. It is best to give it to someone with experience in your field as a fresh pair of eyes can give you some new idea for presenting your experience and skills more effectively.

Polish your LinkedIn profile: You are not doing yourself any favors if you haven’t taken advantage of the way LinkedIn can showcase your experience and talents. Online business networking sites are becoming more and more useful for hiring managers in the search for job candidates. Job seekers should give their social networking skills a boost by creating a LinkedIn account so they can join groups of like-minded professionals to make contacts and also search job listings. Social media is a great place for self-improvement and personal development.

Work on your act: While you are displaying professional and positive information on social networks like LinkedIn, you should ensure there isn’t any negative information about you online because this can hamper your job hunt. Remove photos of yourself that you wouldn’t want potential employers to see and adjust your privacy settings.

Think about personal development: Job seekers should also consider the possibility that they are not getting job offers because they aren’t good enough. You may lack something or need a boost so think about personal development. You can broaden your employment prospects by obtaining new certifications and skills. You can get in touch with a staffing firm to get access to the courses you want. Free training and preparation are offered by these firms for obtaining certifications and this can be immensely handy for job seekers.

Re-evaluating your tactics: Have you implemented the best possible tactics? Take a look at activities in your job hunt that haven’t paid off. Don’t just apply to every opportunity; you have to judge your chances and then send in applications or else you are only going to be disappointed and this will bring your morale down. If passing out business cards hasn’t worked for you, give social media a shot. You can also attend industry seminars and functions where you can network and build connections that can help you in landing a job.

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