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Great question - it's important to select an interior designer that is a good match for your personality and home. Start by deciding on your budget and look for inspiration by browsing interior design photos online. This will help you to get a good idea of the kind of style you're looking for so that you can communicate that to potential designers and see if they can offer you something similar. You can then search for designers in your area or use comparison services to quickly gather quotes. If you have a large budget, look for large companies that offer high-end design services and prioritise those that have lots of experience and good reviews. If you have a small budget, consider home stylists or independent interior designers as they will often be more affordable. Don't be afraid to reject quotes if you don't feel like a designer is a good match - it's important to browse the market before you make a decision. I spoke to countless luxury interior designers in London before I settled on Capital Interiors.