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U swallow sperm protein

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Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm?

can you become pregnent when you swollow sperm ???

1977 views · Health NSFW

How do i swallow pills?

16 views NSFW

How do i swallow air?

17 views NSFW

Is it true that swallowing sperm gives guys longer erections?

is it true when a guy swallows other's guy semen he has harder and longer erections beacause of male hormones in the semen?

96 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

Why does sperm smell?

Why does sperm smell

1785 views · Health

Can you swallow

Can you swallow Ejaculate ?

504 views · Health NSFW

Foods with Protein?

What are foods that have a lot of protein.?

49 views · Food & Dining

What does protein do for your body?

39 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Is sperm an animal?

138 views · Science NSFW

How do i swallow a pill?

19 views · Health NSFW

How do i swallow quietly?

60 views · Health NSFW

Why can't we swallow toothpaste?

81 views · Health NSFW

Do protein diets work?

Do you protein diets work?

20 views · Nutrition & Fitness

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